Qantas Foundation Memorial Ltd (QFM) is a Trustee Company responsible for the administration of the Qantas Foundation Memorial Trust. QFM was incorporated o­n 20 February, 1990, with the goal:

To preserve the history and innovatively present the story of Qantas and its Founders.

It operates the "Qantas Founders Museum". While Museums preserve past heritage for the historical, educational and entertainment benefit of the community, within this Museum, displaying people, places and aeroplanes, and the re-creation of flight in this pioneer era of aviation, there is a theme for the present generations of Australians

To enthral and inspire all with the vision, determination and deeds of the Qantas Founders and those who have followed.

The Qantas Founders Museum is the initiative of people of Western Queensland.

2015 Annual General Meeting Highlights

The first May Annual General Meeting for the company after the financial yest was modified to the calendar year. This change allows the end of financial year specific workload to occur in the low season as well as allows for easier comparison between seasons as the season is not split in two.

After informal drinks the pleasing attendance heard the latest news about the current projects, elected directors who will now hold office for the next two years, and passed some changes to the Constitution.

25 Year milestone for QFM in 2013

25 years ago a group of enthusiastic Longreach locals came together to ensure that there was a home for the Avro 504 replica. That same replica. is now the centerpiece display in a multi-million dollar museum that has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Over the years we have hosted Royalty, stars, and the traveling public, providing an insight into the foundation years of the Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services or Q.A.N.T.A.S.

To celebrate this milestone, QFM held a dinner in August 2013 at the museum.

Qantas Club discount rate for QFM members

As a Qantas Foundation Memorial member, you are able to become a Qantas Club Member at a discounted rate!

"To enthral and inspire all with the vision, determination and deeds of the Qantas Founders and those who have followed."